Program Forms For Schools

These forms facilitate schools to commence and continue their engagement with the AFS program. All AFS forms for each state / territory are available for DOWNLOAD, with the Registration and Recognition forms able to completed and submitted ON-LINE.


Registration Form: completing and returning this form places your school on the database register of your state or territory's Asthma Foundation as working towards becoming an Asthma Friendly School. The school will receive a Principal Pack, including information and resources to guide the achievement of the eight essential criteria required to become an Asthma Friendly School.

Recognition Checklist: schools complete and return this form once they have met all 8 essential criteria. This checklist is used for schools to become Recognised as "Asthma Friendly" for the first time and for schools renewing their Recognition every 3 years. Principals are required to sign this checklist to indicate their agreement that all 8 essential criteria have been achieved.

School Staff Asthma Education Training Session Request Form: use this form to provide your Asthma Foundation with information requesting a Training Session for school staff. This 1 hour presentation is a National Training Package developed with the Asthma Foundations of Australia and provides school staff with information on asthma, the AFS program, asthma management in the school setting and Asthma First Aid procedures.

Training Session Forms: this set of forms provides feedback on each training session for evaluation purposes. A list of names of session attendees is supplied to the Asthma Foundation (schools can copy this for their own records).

Two forms have been developed for INTERNAL USE by schools to facilitate the on-going management of the program.

Asthma Training Checklist
By circulating this form the need for an asthma training session for the staff at your school can be easily identified and your Asthma Friendly status maintained.

Maintenance Checklist
Schools can use this form to periodically check that they continue to adhere to the 8 essential criteria to remain Asthma Friendly.


Click on your state or territory to access the appropriate forms for your school. Completed forms can be returned to the AFS Coordinator in your state or territory by post, fax or email (note that the Recognition Checklist requires the signature of the Principal on the front page - this page can be copied and faxed if an electronic signature is not available)

Further information on the use of these forms can be found at Program Guidelines

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